Reviews for "Straight Outta Pixels"


It's really annoying when you die and then have to start all over. Calling the legitimacy of past achievements into question when you fail at future ones doesn't even make sense! I earned those wins, and now you are taking them away from me, that is not fair.
Some might argue that it's the premise of the game, so it's sacred. I'd say, if the premise, the very foundational concepts the game is built upon, are annoying by their very nature, then make a different game. That is, of course, assuming your goal as a designer is to make fun games. This technically fits the description of a story driven game, one where the player's goal is to follow along with a linear series of events, so you can see how this is conflicting with the desire to make fun games.

Now for a proper review: Thug Life Edition

I was 8 years old when I got my first taste of Hip-Hop and Rap: It was Christmas and the gift came in the form of a Kurtis Blow cassette tape of 'The Breaks'. 27 years later and I'm still a hip-hop head thanks to the likes of Red Crypt, Scru Face Jean, and No Life Shaq keeping me in the loop with their reactions and collabs.

All that plugging done with let's get to the heart of the matter. This game is the guest of honor at the barbeque. Holy shit! The nostalgia, the puns (get Big Pun in the sequel for real, also Remy Ma and Missy E. and the list is too huge for real) it was such a blast to play.

Just one minor complaint: You had the light bulb a couple of times and you missed such an opportunity to make that represent MC Lyte! ROFL. Seriously though next game let's get to play as one or more of the female rappers. Young M.A. for the current gen, Lil Kim, Remy, MC Lyte, Nikki Minaj, Cardi B, Lady of Rage, Queen Latifah, list goes on and on there too.

Other than that I'm so in love with the love put into this project! Keep up God's work my man!

I love me some puns and I do enjoy how crazy and funny this game gets with the concept; had a lot of laughs and loved all the touches to the character design and sound clips. The gameplay suffers a lot from the dodgy collision and physics engine, however, which was a bummer.

super nintendo sega genesis when i was dead broke i couldnt picture this