Reviews for "Straight Outta Pixels"

All medals obtained..this game was by far the best one created as it was more enjoyable than past games.

Pretty fun puzzle game. Loooooaaads of medals. Keep it up Munguia! Reasoning behind my rating is that the controls weren't explained and that took me about a minute to figure out on my own.

Awesome game! Two things though:
1. The in-game cursor and the windows cursor are visible simultaneously, causing bit of lag;
2. Not sure if it was intended, but I haven't released Kenny yet and from the level select screen I was able to do the prison break getting the final medal.


That cursor issue is especially causing problems with the Kenny stage because for some reason some clicks simply do not register.

And I admit that those later fighting sequences are a bit brutal and a bit too long.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for the comments, i fixed issues 1 and 2, thanks

Super imaginative and creative. Lots of fun and so much to keep coming back to. I love this!

Challenging and addicting.
I absolutely love the style you went for.
Quick reset button is needed. But other than that, the game is good
I really hope this gets into NG!