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Reviews for "Meruccubus Timelapse"

Ah man, you did a great job. Very nice to watch, partly cause of the chill-ass music choice. :b
I'm not used to seeing a video like this on NG, but I could definitely get used to it. As long as it stays art-related, I see no problem.

SweetLittleCavities responds:

Thankyou~! I am glad you like music. It was hard to find royalty free and good. I hope other people don't mind video like this too!

It's good to see how an artist makes their art, step by step.

I have always admired artists and painters; the process where they create and transform their vision into something palpable and enriching is undeniably art by itself. And I'd like to say that SLC has managed to portray said art in an incredible, and enjoyable way.

I really like the music you chose for this submission; it is very catchy, and manages to keep the attention of the viewer (listener!) through the entire artistic process. And speaking of artistic process, yours is one that deserves to be praised!

I really like how you showcased the transformation from sketch to the actual illustration; it is magnifiecent, and I think that it also works great as a tutorial of sorts, particularly in the shading and lightning departments.

Likewise, it is always a pleasure to see how you develop your unique and fun style. Meruccubus looks beautiful. Your style definetly goes great with her!

Last but not least, in spite of the timeline blocking the process, the pacing is an inprovement over your last timelapse movie. We can now finally appreciate everything about this wonderful piece of art!

SLC, I think that you're already improving on the movie section. You have already mastered the Art portal, and I can't wait to see you master this one, too.

SweetLittleCavities responds:

Thankyou carlos~! It seem that everyone likes that song. I am glad because finding royalty free song that I like is haaaard. Maybe harder than drawing lol. I think pacing is better too.. Maybe next one I will find ways to pace it even better! :3

Awesome job! I loved the fluid line of action and the vibrant palette.
How much time did it take you?

SweetLittleCavities responds:

about 2 hr... I draw slow when recording myself (^▽^ ; )

Sometimes, certain content is a hit or miss [for me], but, I really enjoy seeing timelapse videos, and this is an excellent one; It's neat seeing the artistic process behind a picture. You have an interesting approach to the line art (it looks smooth, though). I like your particular art style, & just love the color detail/definition on your character (& background); very bright & vibrant! LOL & yes, the music was really cool too.