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Reviews for "Cacalotl"

very very well made. also music and graphic style reminds me of demoscene from long long ago...


Amazing animation!!! It was all amazing and perfect! The only thing that bugs me a liiiiiiitle tiny tiny tiny bit is that the music, despite being an EXCELLENT piece of art, sadly I don't think it fits with the mood I sense from the animation, all these synthesizers, leads and arpeggios feel more like they're from a futuristic spy movie rather than an ancient aztec adventure, but hey! your universe, your rules. Anyways both music and animation constitute real ass professional works and I give my congratulations to both of you. Outstanding work you guys did!!

Any plans to release this music? This is amazing.

Shi-Gu responds:

Just released it today!

I just love the visuals in this so much.

Pretty trippy too.