Reviews for "Price Of Freedom"

"that place will never have any bearing over our life ever again, unlike that murmaid puss! yeah!"

so wonderful!!!!!

The plot is absolute nonsense. She wasn't chained or anything which made the bracelets just unwanted piece of jewelry.

Most expressions feel too exaggerated or weird.
Some guy showed up and throws you a key to finaly "let you free from your imprisonment". Is the expression used appropriate in any way?

Why can't you touch the sword? Because it may be some kind of a trap? Well, the outcome didn't change anyway.

The difference between the background and the things that are about to be animated in the first scene is unreal. I know some things are animated like that, but it was too much... Especially because the thing shouldn't be so bright in the dark place. While writing this part I realised that it might be because the scene with the ring is the only one without any shadows for some reason.

This time the bad stick out more for me, but good luck with the next one.

Outstanding job! Love the movement and quality of the animation and I just love the rolling stone scene!

Very good animation, I really love the Mermaid's myriad expressions, It gives her a lot of character