Reviews for "Price Of Freedom"

"freedom aint cheap"? where are YOU from ( -_-)

Pretty Bloody good, I have to say!

I loved it. This is great!

It was enjoyable but it feels like 3/4 of something good. The premise as it is presented is established fairly on but there's really little to no follow-up from there. Even the price of freedom is kind of confusing. It seems like a "out of the frying pan and into the fire" scenario but it still doesn't immediately lend to the price of freedom or how the latter half of the animation ties to the first portion.

The sword bit is made to be important in the animation but there is no real palpable gravity to the situation as (I imagine) the crumbling temple being a consequence is neatly (albeit narrowly) avoided.

The only real cost is simply an elongated need to escape into the clear, which doesn't really lend to the title of this. It's not a "x happened therefore y was the cost" it's more of an "x happened and it is still technically happening because they haven't broken free of it yet".

Just something to think about from a storytelling standpoint.

Otherwise, fantastic stuff. The expressions of the characters are fluid and convey intention and meaning seamlessly.

Love how dirty the animation is because of the lack of clean-up on frames. It actually gives this some additional charm that I find a lot of toonboom animators no longer have access to.

Keep at it,

Nice keep it up look forward to seeing more