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Reviews for "COOL TIMES: BEAUTY"

Deadly Comics, I really like your art style of your animations. Also I like the editing as well. I hope i'll see more of your artwork and animations in the future. Anyway, this is cooler then my school, i'm a darn fool I spilled my Cheerio's all over the floor. But at least I got another high score out the door in a game called Football. Sorry I got off track, that was pretty wack. I thought this animation was a nae slapper, I wouldn't throw it in the crapper. Man, i'm a horrible rapper. Oh shoot not again, I got side tracked my friend.This animation was pretty great, no debate if it was a type of food my plate would be cleared sonic speed. Okay I got to go it's about to snow. It's been nice talking to you bro. 10/10

For some unknown reason I was dancing along with the chick toy.

I agree probableArson. And how do cats have a home with no owners?

Thats EPIC

I expected him to just point at her, but the actual result was wayyy better!