Reviews for "Spider Attack!"

Nice, simple flash. I like the music,

It was a decsent example of what you can do with flash easily and I like it. But, the song/music (Black Betty) should have been the full thing instead of a loop.


ok that wasnt bad at all, was fun, and different from most games that come thru here, abit hard but still decent, good tutorial at start, keep up the good work...

its a pretty good game

at first i thought it was it was easy but then all of these guns started popping up. i died within 2 min. i liked the song. ive heard it on the movie kung pow. who plays it?

BANE responds:

why thank you good sir. the song 'black betty' was (i'm told) initially performed by the who, then ramjam remixed it, and this particular version is a remix of the remix, by forgotten dusk. btw, kung pow totally rules ass.


it's not that bad

only got on to level 2 but

i thought it was pretty gd but why would a laser gun be trying to shoot a spider talk about unessacery force maybe u should of replaced it with a robot or something
p.s annoying tune