Reviews for "Spider Attack!"


ok that wasnt bad at all, was fun, and different from most games that come thru here, abit hard but still decent, good tutorial at start, keep up the good work...

that was gud

yeah i liked it

Very Hard Game to control

I think you should have start off with 1 laser cause it got hard really fast. I mean if you collect 4 flies it goes to a new harder level and an another laser shows up. This is good. I will keep trying to beat it. On my second try i got 10 flies. I give this a 5 and i suggest more people do so.


Ben, I love you so much babe. But you game is hard for me. Grrrrrrrr!! It's still a good game tho. And your still REALLY hot. MUAH!


i like this game. quite fun and it's original. great work dude. i hope you make more but maybe if this gets blammed... make everything larger and detail up the spider and everything else and this will get people's attention. i loved the gameplay though. good job!