Reviews for "Spider Attack!"


it's not that bad

its a pretty good game

at first i thought it was it was easy but then all of these guns started popping up. i died within 2 min. i liked the song. ive heard it on the movie kung pow. who plays it?

BANE responds:

why thank you good sir. the song 'black betty' was (i'm told) initially performed by the who, then ramjam remixed it, and this particular version is a remix of the remix, by forgotten dusk. btw, kung pow totally rules ass.

Great game i enjoyed it

I like it looked boring at first but i got into it, good work.

I really liked this!

Make more!

Nice, simple flash. I like the music,

It was a decsent example of what you can do with flash easily and I like it. But, the song/music (Black Betty) should have been the full thing instead of a loop.