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Reviews for "Dreary Sewer Escape"

I always lik these little esape puzzles. Keeps my mind active and they are fun though I d miss the ones you did years ago. It was split into 5 days like the meteor escape of the abandend ship escape. And you would release the next game every day up to the end of the week. That was one of the things I looked forward too. Hopefully you'll gte back onto these like maybe a 5 days zombie escape or a sequeal to the metoer one.(still my favourtie).

selfdefiant responds:

Yes, I will go back there and do some more!

I truly wish selfdefiant had enough respect for his players to stop making his games in such tiny windows.

This does not get any points for originality as this is basically the same Sewer Escape game I've played before with a few additions. Otherwise, not a bad quick and easy challenge.


selfdefiant responds:

You got it! SD is back and better than ever!

Too easy, too short. Mostly seems like recycled parts of other games.