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Reviews for "(+18) Zelda: Spirit Orbs"

I made 15 at my 3rd try, it's not that difficult if you focus correctly =)

its has major bug 2nd row 4th one over that button does not work. animation is okay.

love the piano

The animation was good, but there are a few problems with the minigame portion.
1: The symbols are too similar in appearance. Consider making a smaller amount of symbols, or just a smaller board in general.
2. It's impossible for the player to reliably improve their performance due to the random nature of the board, and the aforementioned similar icons. Consider making it a static layout so players can memorize the locations of the icons to make the game easier.
3. The time limit was too short, often leading the player to restart after-- or sometimes before-- the first orb had been collected, leading to a sense of impossibility and annoyance with the game.

Also, and this is just a suggestion, I suggest making it less of a time trial and more of a strip-type game. This makes the focus more on the lewd scene and the art, and makes the minigame more appealing to the user/player.

With a short time limit and a lot of spirit orbs to remember makes this difficult, I've also noticed you can get one or more points in after the time is up just before the transition screen.