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Reviews for "(+18) Zelda: Spirit Orbs"

Is very hard, maybe if you give a 5 second boost in 3 orbs in a row or just a little more time

Good Game. Tough too.
My only wish is to have the option to take her pants off or at least have a bigger tear so you can see the penetration during the anal scenes.

Great work and keep it up!!!!

the game is challenging and i like that, had to make lots of retry just to get the scenes; i suggest that however is playing this is to take the music off and try to learn the best you can the positions of the symbols and of course be careful with the symbols that look pretty similar

A mental training rewarded with a nsfw scene, interesting...
For some reason, i get 12 in a lot of attempts and then a lucky try of 17 X'D

Also, the white screen scared me, i thought is going to be a "try again" or somerhing XD
Also, thanks for the option of using arrow keys instead of mouse on the final scene ;)

That game should be in school curriculum!