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Reviews for "(+18) Zelda: Spirit Orbs"

First try - 0. Doesn't really count though - it was fun to mash wrong buttons.
Second try - 7, but then I misclicked at the last second, so 6.
Third try - 16. After a 12-hour night shift I consider that a pretty decent performance.

But then came the disappointment - hentai rewards. The quality is questionable and they don't even feel right. And the icing on the cake - the cumming. Dong, dong, dong, flaaaaaash...

It took like 20 tries but my best was 16. BTW, there's an exploit were the game lets you get one more orb once times up but before it fades to the reward screen. After she gasps you can click ONE MORE ORB and it counts, so if you found that last orb after the buzzer, hope is not lost!

Randomized I can handle, timed will be frustrating, but the sheer amount of similar images assaulting my eyes makes this impossible. I made it to 11 at best from luck. My advice is to tone down the volume if you want to make similar symbols. Make 8 that are similar out of 16 rather than a whopping 36 images with more than a dozen look alikes. The animations while nice are NOT worth the frustration. If I might suggest, make a combo for sequential picks within 5 seconds to add to the time limit. At least a few seconds extra would be more merciful than this unforgiving countdown. Difficulty is all well and good, but timers add artificial difficulty to a game of this concept. There's no way to know how, when, or where the orbs spawn, therefore you're guaranteed to fail until you get good rolls, have a photographic memory, or have eagle eyes. No one likes guaranteed failure.

Managed to get 20.
Enjoyed the mini-game a lot more than the stuff after.
It's really difficult but I enjoyed the challenge.

This is a fun game, and decently difficult.
The only real gripe I have is that I find there to be a *few* too many similar images. I personally think that any more than three of a set begins turning difficulty to frustration, making any eventual victory and reward seem less enjoyable.
Additionally, some of them are unfairly similar, too; the three interlocked crescents that eventually form Nayru's symbol, for instance, have two incarnations that are virtually the same, apart from a minute difference in length.