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Reviews for "(+18) Zelda: Spirit Orbs"

It has a lot of potential, but holy crap it's hard. There are way too many symbols for you to find them in any timely manner. some are even so close to another symbol that you can't tell

The animation was good, but there are a few problems with the minigame portion.
1: The symbols are too similar in appearance. Consider making a smaller amount of symbols, or just a smaller board in general.
2. It's impossible for the player to reliably improve their performance due to the random nature of the board, and the aforementioned similar icons. Consider making it a static layout so players can memorize the locations of the icons to make the game easier.
3. The time limit was too short, often leading the player to restart after-- or sometimes before-- the first orb had been collected, leading to a sense of impossibility and annoyance with the game.

Also, and this is just a suggestion, I suggest making it less of a time trial and more of a strip-type game. This makes the focus more on the lewd scene and the art, and makes the minigame more appealing to the user/player.

I really love this game and you should be proud of your work because it's very very good and stylish. you are very skilled and keep up the good work : )

That's a fun little game overall. Obviously more like a filler in preparation for your bigger projects, but for what it's worth, that's not bad. Your art is lovely and I enjoy seeing Zelda recreated in your artstyle.
As a minigame, it's alright. I enjoy the trickery of some symbols using familiar bits to throw the player off guard, tho some of them look a LITTLE too similar to one another, so if you ever plan on making a sequel, keep that in mind.
As far as rewards go, it's fine. Nothing remarkable in terms of the alterations to the main position, but the position itself is well animated and designed. The climax was cute, tho not as explosive as I expected.
Overall, it's a decent if unremarkable side game, but that's fine because it's not meant to be anything more than that. I personally don't mind seeing something else in this style, but maybe with a little more options and versatility. Keep on the good work, my dude.

too many lookalikes in the symbols, the cumshot is a bit underwhelming... but it's rather fun... for 6 minutes max