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Reviews for "(+18) Zelda: Spirit Orbs"

I can see that you keep improving in the right areas, such as your animations, art style and even the way you use audio in your content. Since this is a game however, I feel that you have failed in making it accessible for everyone. A puzzle game such as this should have different difficulties so that it can be enjoyed by everyone and not just the small group that are able to beat it in its fixed difficulty. I understand that some games, specially retro games were made with a fixed difficulty so that players had to, as all the dark soul memes say "get good" but with modern game design I feel that puzzle games such as these should give their players the option to pick their difficulty. I am not very good with puzzle games as I play too many action games but I can still tell that this was very well made. The only criticism that I give you is just that, should you decide to create a new puzzle game to add a selection to the difficulty so that everyone may enjoy it. Other than that I hope you continue the good work.

Babusgames responds:

Yeps! I can tell this game has a flagrant mistake in its game design. Not only it is difficult, but it also feels unfair. I think I have a better vision of what direction I should be moving onto in terms of game design, and I'm working on it. Soon I'll be posting an update on this game with more content and tweaked (and less hard) mechanics. Let's see if it works better!

Game was challenging but fun

A mental training rewarded with a nsfw scene, interesting...
For some reason, i get 12 in a lot of attempts and then a lucky try of 17 X'D

Also, the white screen scared me, i thought is going to be a "try again" or somerhing XD
Also, thanks for the option of using arrow keys instead of mouse on the final scene ;)

only 5

The game is fun, it does take a few tries because of the time limit, but after a couple tries it slowly becomes easier as you start recognizing the different patterns. overall i think the biggest fault of the game is the 1 minute time limit.