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Reviews for "(+18) Zelda: Spirit Orbs"

Game is far too difficult for something like this, I'd recommend maybe giving a 5 second boost each time you get one right or something.

agree with cohun

I like the concept of EARNING the scenes but this was super difficult. After getting all 16 orbs after like 20 tries I ended up more angry than in the mood to watch some elves fuck...

yesss I WON it only took me like 9 tries and the redirection of blood.. don't ask! Tiny pro tip when the game is teaching you how to do it you can look at the signs before it starts!

I'm conflicted, the art and animation are beautiful, although the minigame is a bit hard as far as one handed games go, it would get a five star from me if it either wasn't a porn game, the artstyle animation or anything like that were completely revolutionary or completely shattered the competition (which is asking a hell of a lot), or if the difficulty was scaled back or more friendly to people looking for some chicken choking material.
I could consistently get to 11 orbs b attempt 5 but once I repositioned to really focus I realized that the one handed gamers out there wouldn't be doing the same, and would move on.