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Reviews for "(+18) Zelda: Spirit Orbs"

Ehhhhh, meh

Me before beating the game: It's way too difficult and unnecessary I hate it I just wanted my lewd
Me after beating the game: Lol you noobs couldn't take a few minutes of your day to beat this? I am the superior gamer, bow before me

Game really is needlessly difficult. With 14 symbols needed to complete the game that means you need to get a symbol roughly every 4 seconds out of a selection of 42 in total. It would probably be way easier if they were removed as you selected them but that's not the case. The biggest issue is just how many there are and how they're all pretty much the same symbol but with slight differences. Once example would be eagle symbol where its just the wings, and then theres one with legs, and then one with legs and one triangle, and then the full one with the triforce and everything. Everything just bleeds into a bunch of formless shapes that leaves you constantly glossing over the one you're looking for because they're all just too similar, too many, and too short of a time frame to properly find everything.

The Game is Great, But its Cukblocking is There ar To Much Orbs and not much time.

trying to fap should not be this hard