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Reviews for "(+18) Zelda: Spirit Orbs"

This game is to hard. The only advice i have is retry if u click the wrong symbol just one and retry if u can't find the symbol ur looking for. This game requires you not to mess up a single time.

great idea, but the symbols are too similar and are easily mistaken. There should be more time or maybe a bonus time for each one you get right

game was alright but the reshuffling made it unnecessarily frustrating. Also, wanted to confirm if there really is a secret at 18 orbs

Gotta say its way too difficult for what it offers. You have 13 matches to make in 60 seconds with 42 options to choose from, so you need to make a match roughly every 4.5 seconds to actually complete this. The ones you've selected though don't disappear and there is no upgrade to make them go away or even have less orbs. Then the orbs all can look very similar to each other as some patterns can have four variations of themselves, and clicking one of those wrong ones means losing a point so you HAVE to reset if you lose a point. At most you should just have to get 10 if you're not actually going to make it easier for us

I hate how you have slightly changed versions of the same thumbnail symbol. At least group them up or something. Random placement only hurts this more.