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Reviews for "Ghost'n Brothers"

Great game!

Add some story upfront and a bossfight with that devil for +1/2 star :D

- When pressing spacebar (to change to 2nd ghost) while the 1st ghost is still moving, the 1st ghost will be killed (run through walls, until out of bounds).

ouzzgame responds:

Thank you for your comment. Indeed, there is a bug!!!!. I will fix this issue! Thank you for your help!!! ;)

The bug is fixed!

cute and effective

Pretty good but:
- Spacebar should be disabled when there is only one ghost on the screen
- Animation of opening chest takes time and should not affect the logic of game. If I already got key why should I wait for animation to complete?
- Time should start counting after first action taken by player and not on load screen.

ouzzgame responds:

Thank you for your comment.
-You are right...The SPACEBAR should be disable...I will resolve that issue asap!
-I think i will change the animation of opening chest...
-Regarding the time start counting, remember that you have only 30 sec to find the correct way to reach the gate...If time starts after the first action, you have all time you want to think about what to do before you decide to start!

pretty good

Nice game. Would have appreciated a restart button but taking that out I really enjoyed the rest.

ouzzgame responds:

It's a good idea!
Ok!!! Restart button is now available! Thank you for your help;-)