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Reviews for "Flesh to Stone:Pocket Pool Edition"

A cool game, though the ending wasn't really satisfying. Oh, and it crashed when I collected the last thingy on a level while getting hit. The screen went to KO and just froze.

GeoKureli responds:

Thanks for the feedback and thanks letting me know about your issue, it's been fixed in the latest version.

the game is fun but it's kinda rage-inducing

Arrrr...I wanna shoot something!!

Fun game, though some of the elements aren't balanced well. For example, double box pattern and 3 vertical line pattern is much harder to complete than the other patterns, and 4 corners at the beginning is also time-consuming. I think the orb hitboxes should be reduced given keyboard controls don't give very good movement control, and the circular blast patterns combo really heavily with beams as you can be facing 2 walls almost back-to-back to KO. Overall, slightly dislike the RNG elements and the punishment for playing too safely, along with janky basic chaser enemy AI for circling around sometimes and hitting after stone times out.

Nice game, but hard as balls. I really enjoy the music and the art, it goes really well together, did a stellar job on that front. In terms of gameplay I'm assuming it's supposed to be as hard as it is giving the tags on the game.

A few minor criticisms I have are how quickly the little guy moves. I'll tap the right key and go a lot farther than I would've liked, it can be pretty hard to control the character at times. Another thing is how the patterns are a little inconsistent as to how complex or simple they are as the level goes on, it feels a bit weird collection a small group of coins in the centre and then collecting more along the borders of the level so quickly.

Last thing I want to mention is how some of the flying blue orbs explode and how some just fly off of the screen. I think it'd be cool if the exploding orbs were a different colour, just to give the game that little extra bit of a learning curve instead of having the players try to act on a whim which can be pretty difficult considering the first critique I gave.

Overall a really nice little game, you guys did the music and graphics justice but I think the gameplay could still be finetuned and go a long way from what it is right now