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Reviews for "Flesh to Stone:Pocket Pool Edition"

Arrrr...I wanna shoot something!!

3 things would make the game more fun and enjoyable:
1. Bullet time;
2. A time indicator showing how much time - in seconds - you can still be invulnerable as a stone;
3. Dashing granting temporary invulnerability.

the game is fun but it's kinda rage-inducing

A cool game, though the ending wasn't really satisfying. Oh, and it crashed when I collected the last thingy on a level while getting hit. The screen went to KO and just froze.

GeoKureli responds:

Thanks for the feedback and thanks letting me know about your issue, it's been fixed in the latest version.

It's a really fun game. I just kinda wish there was a button to slow down your character's movement like in most bullet hells. Music picks are kickass too.