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Reviews for "Flesh to Stone:Pocket Pool Edition"

Turkey hit me while i finished a stage.
Game froze in a screen of KO while i was transported supposedly to the next stage.
Maybe a skip button for the intro? :S
I liked it! Good graphics, good music, neat gameplay.

EDIT: you dont have to watch the intro again! the turkey incident didn't happen again so extremely rare bug. 4,5 stars

GeoKureli responds:

I think you were playing an old, cached version of the game, not sure. but thanks for following up

I feel like I owe this game a proper review. It's pretty great and manages to be slightly original. But it seems like you always put some clever twist in your games. The graphics emulate the nostalgic feel of the retro games pretty fine. The New Game + might be a little bore for some people, as it's more of the same, only longer, but overall no point in overdoing a simple internet game, for free. All in all, it has a potential for a series, so I hope it's not the last installment. It's strange that you didn't add medals to your previous game.

And yeah, I managed to get 20 points in the ruthless version of the endless mode. Picture this, lasers from 3 sides, the swarm of the flying bullets, balls everywhere and the moles trying to detonate near you. Yeaaaah, it was kinda funny that after the first 8 points there was this instant "all hell breaks loose" moment.

good game at some point, the graphics and music are cool, the gameplay is cool, but the difficulty spike is pretty bad, until level 5 you can say you are learning, but then level 6 comes as the hardest to complete it goes too fast too much thing, but you can still do it, the other levels then are harder than 1-5 but are not harder than level 6... even 12 is a joke compared to 6, this is much more obvious in the new game+, bc it extends the number of turns (i suppose new game+ just put slighty faster and extend the time you will play the level) level 6 becomes a nightmare in ng+, i think you really reconsider that level, i dont even know how people beat it, i killed the enemies but then they respawn and then i having to take care of 7/8 enemies? plus the lasers and the gray ball the spreads shots? thats just too much, take level 12 for example, you have what? 5 enemies+ bats+ and sometimes that big laser on one side? the one side laser just makes the area lower, you can still pretty much deal with the snakes and snails in level 12 ng+, but level 6 ng+ is what? one grey ball that respawns and shot 1-3 times different shots? lasers that come fast? 7 enemies ganging on u? i dont know what you were thinking but level 12 seems much more easier and fair in concept and gameplay to deal with it, i liked the game and gonna still try to get the level 6 ng+ complete, but jesus, i really ain't having fun or feeling satisfaction with this level, kinda ruined it

edit: i think they never stop to respawn? i thought i saw like 9 snails on level 6 ng+, if that so, i hope is a error bc i dont remember other levels keeping spawning enemies before i kill them, level 12 for example im pretty sure whenever i didnt kill the snails and snakes they didnt spawn more until i killed them.. but level 6 did

edit 2: thank you i finally finished level 6 ng+

GeoKureli responds:

Fun fact: level 6 used to be much, much harder. I'll look into it, see if I can nerf it
Edit: I made it a little easier. thanks for the feedback!

I assume secret medals are for completing ng+, no thank you

Great art and gameplay! only thing is that the intro in unneccessarily long, make a skip button