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Reviews for "Flesh to Stone:Pocket Pool Edition"

Fun game, though some of the elements aren't balanced well. For example, double box pattern and 3 vertical line pattern is much harder to complete than the other patterns, and 4 corners at the beginning is also time-consuming. I think the orb hitboxes should be reduced given keyboard controls don't give very good movement control, and the circular blast patterns combo really heavily with beams as you can be facing 2 walls almost back-to-back to KO. Overall, slightly dislike the RNG elements and the punishment for playing too safely, along with janky basic chaser enemy AI for circling around sometimes and hitting after stone times out.

Levels 7 and above are bugged for me everytime i finish them the game would just freeze, i would love to play this game again if you would resolve the problem. ty

GeoKureli responds:

I'm not really sure whats going on there. sending a PM

You put the final level in middle of the game lvl 6 simply cheats. Other than that a solid game.

I mean I guess it's fun... but the 20 minute star wars text intro was really annoying...

nice game