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Reviews for "Flesh to Stone:Pocket Pool Edition"

Really loved this! Challenging to get to 24!

The game is great, and I am working through the Newgame +. But I have been experience a bug/glitch recently. Whenever I try to go to past levels, say 5 or 6 to complete in Newgame +, the icon blinks, then the game freezes on me. The music keeps playing, but that's it.

Would you please look into it?

GeoKureli responds:

Thanks for the heads up, expect a PM. Glad you like it, otherwise!

Solid game! Happy to see this fleshed out (haha) from the other previous versions. I think it has a good variety in terms of enemies and levels and I like the main mechanic. Good amount of juice as well all-around: nice pick-up sounds, good screen-shake, neat explosions, so on and so forth. Basically, you got the complete package here.

Game is awesome

Nice game, but hard as balls. I really enjoy the music and the art, it goes really well together, did a stellar job on that front. In terms of gameplay I'm assuming it's supposed to be as hard as it is giving the tags on the game.

A few minor criticisms I have are how quickly the little guy moves. I'll tap the right key and go a lot farther than I would've liked, it can be pretty hard to control the character at times. Another thing is how the patterns are a little inconsistent as to how complex or simple they are as the level goes on, it feels a bit weird collection a small group of coins in the centre and then collecting more along the borders of the level so quickly.

Last thing I want to mention is how some of the flying blue orbs explode and how some just fly off of the screen. I think it'd be cool if the exploding orbs were a different colour, just to give the game that little extra bit of a learning curve instead of having the players try to act on a whim which can be pretty difficult considering the first critique I gave.

Overall a really nice little game, you guys did the music and graphics justice but I think the gameplay could still be finetuned and go a long way from what it is right now