Reviews for "Marble Trap"

Es un poco complicado de controlar en algunos puntos, pero incluso cuando estás a punto de caer, si hay una parte con baranda e puedes salvar solo como si te aferrarar por la orilla.
Me agrada la dinámica del juego.

quite nice. really liked the music.

if i had any complaints it would be that it was a tad too easy. i haven't finished it yet (just beat 9 levels in a quick sitting.) will be back to try more later.

I don't play games often and not usually for very long. I got something out of this and carried on a while, when I should really have gone to bed- I've done a few levels, but I gotta go!

I think there should have been less difference between 1 and 2. I almost gave up before I got the hang of the control across the diagonals.

I love the sense of realism- so many of these are just white lines. I loved the fact that you could "realistically" bump the axes and survive as long as they didn't chop you and the fact that the different enemies did different things to you.

I might even come back to this, which is rare for me ;)

The game is great and the music too. I got some lag freeze from here and there but I managed to finish levels kinda well beside those spikes.

I already see this game getting speedrunned, just needs a bit more of optimization. Music is good and the physics too. The colour qualité and the animations are not the best nor the worst.

I found a bug in this game:

If you've just finished a level and you press the "Settings Option", the scene fades to black and it gets stuck black and never come back.

♥ Luv from GlitchyDust ♥

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I was ready to give this a low score and a negative review at about level 15, when I was getting frustrated with the unfair cannon timings, the lack of graphical and obstacle variety, the frustrating controls and the uninteresting music. I was still pressing on out of sheer stubborness, maybe a bit of pride.

By level 17 or so, however, something magical happened. I entered a strange state of "flow", in which I stopped thinking too much and started just... "feeling". It's as if nothing else existed but me, the keyboard and the screen. That's when the game "clicked" with me.

I started breezing through levels, finding fast ways to get past even the most annoying obstacle formations, and forgetting all the things that were pissing me off beforehand. My mind was blank, and finishing every level after that point gave me a really satisfying feeling. The momentum the ball acquires as you hold the same direction for extended periods of time, which annoyed and frustrated me before, became a pleasant mechanic after I entered this "trance."

So overall, I ended up enjoying the game a lot, and by the time I reached level 24, I was sad that it was already over. For that reason, I recommend this game to everyone who has a few minutes to spare. Just don't let the losses get to you, and allow yourself to fall into that state of "flow", and the experience will be great. The score is only 3.5/5 because of the boring and repetitive graphics. The music is nice, but there are way too few tunes, too.