Reviews for "Marble Trap"

Me at level 10: I think I get this game.

Met at level 11: Oh God! Why the **** is there a giant saw wall chasing me!?

Really neat game. The isometric aspect of the game was a bit awkward to get the hand of for me but I got it down after a bit. The difficulty progression is near perfect apart from the amount of levels with the rotary blades that keep you moving. Whilst I think they're a great addition to the game they can really take away from the great experience I was having previously, but then again it's replaced with another form of difficulty that offers a nice rush when you complete a level.

It's more of a personal thing than anything but I'd appreciate a difficulty selection in a sense, as well as maybe a speedrunner mode? Such as designing levels in such a way where the cannons and spinning axes can be dodged if you attempt to complete the level in an optimal time? Maybe even have a practice mode where you can set the speed of the rotary blades that chase you? Just a few basic ideas is all.

Overall the game has an absolute ton of potential and I could definitely see this being a cool game that could gather a speedrunning community of sorts, great stuff!

finna speedrun

That took a decent afternoon well spent to complete; of course the last level would be that much of a challenge.

Fun game to speedrun. Weird bug where the fastest time sometimes isn't updated. Not sure what causes it. Are the steam high score times separate from the Newgrounds version?

Possibly add in total time taken for all levels as an additional benchmark.