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Reviews for "Clock Crew DressUp"

Kinda annoying how the music keeps turning on im trying to listen to the prodigy. Also i might be a dumbass but i can't get any medals. Overall it's pretty good.

Happy Clock Day! I always know when these dates are coming up. I think this might be the first time I actually unleashed something in Newgrounds Player! It seems kind of slow. Well, slow as in when the medals came up. I got all secret medals except one.

It's always sad to see fewer and fewer submissions on Clock Day. Stupid YT! It may have been too simple. Well, I understand that's how this crew started out. To think we've come so far with Dress Up.

Little-Rena responds:

It is sad to say, I could, and so could many, easily just fill the portal with stuff, but I'm not sure how appriciated that would be!

this is hilarious

Thank goodness, I am finally able to give an honest over-three to my old friend L-R !

I can even give it a meaningful review !

I enjoyed it- it had some good choices, a variety of music and it all worked well. I give it over-three because MEDALS GOT !!!!


1. No Pineapple :( Sorry, I know you made four different images, which I appreciate, but four without the fifth?

2. The click area on a few of the small items should be invisibly extended beyond the image a bit- apple's whiskers and the Orange dots.

3. Credits a bit hard to read in that colour.

Question- where did the inspiration for the items come from? Apart from the obvious crown are they associated with particular films etc?

Little-Rena responds:

You can always give me an honest review! Usually, it'll just tell me things I already know!

The big problem I had with this is that I left it to the last minute, in my traditional style! I would have had more of the Clocks, but the problem was coming up with ideas for more items, as for the items themselves, I was trying to go with things that looked good. Originally, the cat stuff was going to be for Orange I think, but they looked better on Apple, so I moved them over.

As for the credits, I forgot to add shadow from the looks, that would have made it so much easier to read! Anyway, thanks for the review!

good music, not very much optons with clothes, you CAN"T ROTATE THEM!

good art, but overall feels like an crappy dress up game.

Little-Rena responds:

ur meanie