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Reviews for "Next One Tactics"

Oh, you're using the Fire Emblem weapon triangle. Pretty intuitive, for those who are used to playing that series, but for those unfamiliar, perhaps a small chart explaining the triangle at the corner would be a neat inclusion. But overall, the game is fun, having to "be 3 steps ahead", thinking about your next unit is an interesting mechanic.

BigBossErndog responds:

Thanks :) Unfortunately I didn't have time during the jam to create instructions, perhaps I'll add it in at some point.

wish it had a reset button, also didn't understand the whole counter thing too well, i thought i did then the next level it would change again and again.

Should have reset button. Also, having some kind of guidance(like a chart for which class counters which) would be a good idea.

I don't know about this... good artwork, but i can't figure it out past level 2... must be too hard or there should be some instructions.

Not bad, medieval moving rock-paper-scissors))