Reviews for "FoxBot"

very smooth control, no bug or visual flaw, a lot of "shortcut" to find out and shorten your time, a very well-made game. My best times is 7:08.76, I believe that it is possible to clear it under 7 mins.
By the way I did not receive the 0 death medal, is it only count in time trial mode or something?

jazzDgames responds:

I just fixed the Zero Death bug, thanks for informing me.

i was just thinking about meat boy so much, but it ainĀ“t actually that hard. still love some good old speedrunning.

great game. lacked personality which is why it's not rated 4+ but it's a 5 for me.

wall jumping could use a little work. if you initiate the horizontal component of your wall jump first, it generally won't initiate the wall jump. you need some leeway there. you shouldn't have to hit jump first or with perfect synchronicity. it just makes wall jumping feel... "bad"

Interesting, but hard game

Finally an interesting looking skill based game.
However, the controls do feel kinda clunky. The wall jumps feel weird and unresponsive and the sliding makes the precision kinda weird. But I definitely like it.