Reviews for ""Tribute" - Teen Titans"


I honestly find it pretty solid for being a tribute by having High-Quality Visuals, Well-Animated Movement, & Decent Face Expressions especially trying to capture the Characters from the show while being depicted a slightly more Maturely than their actual Age. My only problems with it is that the Animated Movements looks Stiff in Some Areas and that the Climax between Raven & Starfire's Arouse Entrance looked Lackluster I think that some Lewd Wetness on Starfire would've or could've made her Private Area slightly better also to see how Raven herself should've express her Climax a little more to have Lewd Wetness right when Robin climaxed. Overall I think it is a Good Tribute towards Zone Sama's work judging by the effort while I still think it could've been better but it is Good as it is, nice job on adding Easter Eggs by the way.


i was about to say star was going to be pissed lol.. good thing i waited till the end to post. please continue

This animation is on par with the great Zone's works. Seriously, amazing job with replicating the art style of teen titans and also animating it extremely well. One of the best animated porn videos I've ever fucking seen. Keep up the amazing work, would love to see more Raven again.