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Reviews for "The Monotony of Carrots"

I love how quickly the bunny noped out of there, that was good for a laugh.

For some reason, game constantly lags when on the planet.

I'm glad the rabbit got the break from monotony that he wished for. Now, back to eating carrots!

If it weren't for the game standing still every time I steer the rocket in the Castilian version, I would've given this game 5 stars.

Now, here's a philosophical analysis of this game, written by my Argentinean friend:

"The monotony of eating carrots... or is it? Because the carrots symbolize conformity, and conformity is that which bounds us to the rules of existance, so when the rabbit breaks with it to take the rocket to infinity, he's actually breaking with existance. His existance. Our existance. Into a journey to the depth of the unknown in wait. In wait for what? In wait for the end of conformity. For the end of this form of existance. For the experience of something new, something potentially dangerous, but outlandish to existance. And in his strange water dodging, he exemplifies everything which many of us will never understand in the agora of our deeds. The refreshment of unknown. A story that one day he will tell his grandchildren (in three months) of breaking away with existance in the eyes of an alien deep in the caves of a world high in the firmament where the boundaries of knowledge in wait to be broken, in some platonic struggle of the inordinary order. Every droplet is an ounce of freedom."

I really liked how the background sprites were done, but there isn't enough game to it.

It reminds me of skelemania
Your game hasuge potential, you should keep it up!

(I mean what's your favorite idea?)

DavidMarchand responds:

Oh I had never seen Skelemania, it looks fantastic.