Reviews for "Bed and Breakfast 3"

Very well designed with a nice art style. Good work.

This is very cute!

While not great, this was still good. I had to install the Newgrounds player to play this! Then again, I ultimately had to use another browser, so maybe it was pointless. At least I got to play it. It's been too long since you've submitted a game. It kept me on my feet.

It can get surprisingly hard. There's a lot of people to attend to. It's a pretty cute game. I always want people to be more active here. I'm going to have breakfast right now!

Nice, but I wish there was more to buy/do
I wish there was a way to fireproof your building (like spend lotsa money to get fireproofing or sumn) and I wish there was a way to buy multiple workers for the same job to decrease workers sleeping

I love this game but I feel like if you don't choose the exact item the creator wanted you to add to your B&B next, you lose.