Reviews for "Gravity Control"

I clear all stages but did not get any medal , which is sad

I liked it, level 26 wasn't very difficult, the game overall was challenging.

I had fun.

The gravity manipulation is top notch.

love it

but its really hard

It's got some great puzzle elements and designs in there, but it's been held back greatly by the buggy nature in which the main mechanic, gravity, operates. The player and the moveable boxes would move in very unnatural and buggy ways for me: sometimes they would slip and slide around, sometimes they would stop on a dime, sometimes they glitch out and pop up for no reason, sometimes they'd move in a different direction than prompted. I think if this could be ironed out, it'd be a real nice game, but as of right now, it's too buggy for me. Also, the lazer timers being hidden by the walls they are attached to is a bit frustrating for feedback.