Reviews for "Gravity Control"

Easy to learn, very funny
Well done pal!

Good game! There is one bug in it though, sometimes when you reach higher speed you may get pass the laser barriers without getting hurt. One advice for the construction of the momentum if you would ever want to make a sequel: check the Gravity Den game here on Newgrounds.

I like your games. They are just challenging enough to not be boring but not so much I want to rage quit.

sluggish controls but what would you expect from a gravity control game :D anyway its pretty easy compared to some others of yours.

Makes for a... peaceful, rage game. The inconsistency of the control makes it much harder than you'd think, but it doesn't stress you out too much because it is still doable. So much so, it isn't like not having an arm, but more like not having a finger. Gross metaphor to prove this point. Still, love the graphics, good game.