Reviews for "X-Onic Ver 2"

Sooo weird.

It's like... if I was walking through a mildly disturbing (okay, VERY disturbing) modern landscape.

~If Only...~

~If Only It Were Longer...~Quite Groovy Though~

Nice, in a very disturbing way.

Has a good effect. the dissonance and randomness of the chords gives a good lost feeling. would go great in a flash movie.


Damn, general, what should supposed to be?

Great again!

I thought the other one was better though,this sounded strange,oh well,it is original allright! I'm looking forward to ver.3 if there will be one!


XwaynecoltX responds:

Cool thanks for the review, maybe i might remix a 3rd ver or i might just make somthing different, anyways thanks for the reviews...