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Reviews for "Newgrounds in 2019"

Pretty fun and easy medal game overall sans for the last hidden medal which took about 10 minutes to figure out. As you said, that medal is from the quiz but is a "false start," aka, not clicking in the right area. :3

Hoping Newgrounds in 2020 is also informative and fun to read through.

Seems like you're pretty much taking over the community-related NG submission scene these days. :) Nice overview, quiz, minigame and all. These layouts sure got an upgrade since the older stuff...

Always appreciate 'em medals too. Good stuff.


"You probably have a garbage whistle" How did you know? :)) (well I got it for reporting the movie "B" as spam)
I didn't get the second to last medal yet, but I'm not giving up. (still a hint would be highly appreciated)

EDIT: Getting 2019 score on test stage wasn't it.

Little-Rena responds:

Well, good luck with getting your whistle back on track!

I can give you the name of the medal if that's a hint, a lot of people are finding that one hard to get. The name of it is "False Start".

I got a medal ! It reminds me of our info submission- it even has E Handbag and a quiz! Its good stuff. Looks good; all works- can't find any errors. OK!

I thought I would do better in the quiz. Don't know where I went wrong !

Little-Rena responds:

Oh no!

Should have read this a long time ago! Any hints on the 'Got Bored' medal - it seems to be well hidden??