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Reviews for "Newgrounds in 2019"

Very informative for a newcomer such as myself, and I enjoyed how you turned it into a small game. So thank you for making it :)

I should mention though that the music and moving background were quite distracting, especially the latter since it cannot be turned off. Also, the default song does not loop properly, which is quite noticeable given how short it is.

Little-Rena responds:


I should have probably used the longer version of the first song, oops! And it would have been possible to stop the background with a simple button, but I didn't think that would be an issue!

"You probably have a garbage whistle" How did you know? :)) (well I got it for reporting the movie "B" as spam)
I didn't get the second to last medal yet, but I'm not giving up. (still a hint would be highly appreciated)

EDIT: Getting 2019 score on test stage wasn't it.

Little-Rena responds:

Well, good luck with getting your whistle back on track!

I can give you the name of the medal if that's a hint, a lot of people are finding that one hard to get. The name of it is "False Start".

Well, it's informative and it would be nice to have it around for those who are new here. I appreciate that and it would be nice to have it at least in the front page during some time. As regards it's worth as a game, it's ok. But really it's more of an informative thing, so it shouldn't be judged in game terms, I believe. The only "game part" is chasing the medals.

Regarding medals, damn, how I miss having at least the names of the secret ones, they used to be a good clue, at least. I cannot find the third and the last ones.

Little-Rena responds:

Indeed, it's not a game as such, I added medals for a bit of fun, and there is a bit of "game" to it, in the sense of a silly dress-up game on the menu, and a quiz at the end part. I'm not sure how the titles of some of the medals here will help though! I tend to make some titles a bit ambiguous.

When i first joined Newgrounds, or as i call "NewsGround."
I never thought much about my profile except for achievement tracking, but i now know what impact it makes to the site.

Thank you Little-Rena

Little-Rena responds:

You can do a whole lot of stuff with your profile, give it a new lick of paint, make it look cool!

"NGer" Say that out loud in public lol

Little-Rena responds:

Not sure what you mean.