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Reviews for "Newgrounds in 2019"

I still have no clue how to get the last 2 badges

Little-Rena responds:

They are to do with the quiz.

I got a medal ! It reminds me of our info submission- it even has E Handbag and a quiz! Its good stuff. Looks good; all works- can't find any errors. OK!

I thought I would do better in the quiz. Don't know where I went wrong !

Little-Rena responds:

Oh no!

July 6, 1995

Fucking tutorial only 24 years too late.

Little-Rena responds:

Better late than never!

Submissions like these makes me feel old, again. But motivated to be more active again for some reason.. And thanks to you i discovered the Newgrounds Player, i didn't even knew it existed, thank you! No more the pesky broken notification to enable flash everytime i want to watch or play a submission from Adobe Flash Player.

Little-Rena responds:

I have also been motivated to be more active again! Good to see you back!

Literally the tutorial nobody asked for, the music still gave me shivers though. It says Newgrounds in 2019, but I have a feeling it will appeal the most to ancient relics like me that remember when this website always played sounds by default.

Useless, meaningless, ultimately pointless, somehow it still made me smile.

What the hell... for old time's sake. FIVEN!!

Little-Rena responds:

Vote 5 without watching.