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Reviews for "Newgrounds in 2019"

Muting the music? That isn't medal status.What is however is muting me.


It's nice to have the information and such to promote Newgrounds and educate people, so I applaud the noble intentions. But at the moment, I think the presentation needs some work, as right now, it's nothing more than a wall of text, essentially (and painfully small text, at that, which is difficult for me to read). Given that you've made a whole game around it, I'd expect the presentation to be more dynamic than a powerpoint: I'd love it to have less text and more images and interactions to really learn the information in a fun way!

Little-Rena responds:

I need more ideas on what to make interactive.

how can i get all the medals ;-; btw nice game! :D

Little-Rena responds:

False start!

Guess what? This is another gadget that is introducting to newgrounds №6661337!
We already have the newgrounds wiki!

P.S. Here's the quiz ansewers for medal farmers (take the quiz in "about" section):
№1 False
№2 The award with "1" on it.
№3 Pixel day
№4 True
№5 False
№6 The pink one
№7 Movies
№8 1.75
№9 False
№10 False

Little-Rena responds:

Did you cheat at school too!