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Reviews for "Oxygen"

Sound design could have been a little better. Also, could have used some more bass in it (

This song is very funny and cheerful, certainly a very good combination of Retro and Techno, is very repetitive, but meh, I really liked the song, good job! lI VeX Il

SirHadoken responds:

Thank you! <3
I do have an issue with repetition, so I suppose I should work on that next. Thanks for the feedback! :3

a little weak, but I love 150 bpm too, so what can I say?

It is a good song for indie games. I also like that you did it for fun.

The percussion comes in a bit heavy, they could start a bit softer. You could add some reverb to the baseline, it'd make it sound a bit smoother. The part right after the drop sounds a bit bland, maybe add some reverb to that last note. The variation is nice, and the ending is short but not bad. I feel like what you used for the melodies could've had a little bit more 'oomph' to it.