after you fail, a new game plus would be a great option to have. like start over with more things unlocked or makes the guys finish quicker or somthing. but even without that, it's a great game

great game, but I think you should add ten more seconds to when she gets flipped over

Nice! But not gallery

Loved the game but would be nice to continue on the level you failed

I originally came here cause i was horny, now I'm sitting here about an hour later trying to beat a goddamned level (level 9) cause you have to be perfect to beat it. You definitely succeeded in giving me a challenge, and I'm actually enjoying it. I think you should add 3 more seconds to some of the later more challenging levels to allow for mistakes or a mistake, or maybe add an easy mode for people to view the animations. Maybe the easy mode allows to continue where you left off like how other people requested, but add a gallery that's only unlocked on normal. But at the same time this also just seems like you're trying to promote your other game with this game so I could see how you wouldn't work on this one anymore. You should add this as a minigame in the real game if so. At least that's my opinion.

The game does an amazing job at forcing you to chose over quantity and quality. Do you want to wait an extra precious second to try to get a fresh guy for higher points or do you want to go ahead and grab the lower point guy to try and squeeze out your quota also risking waking the girl up? If you want to beat the game you normally have to choose quantity unless your able to perfectly sequence the guys timing with the fresh guy spawning, in which case your going for a high score. I don't know if you put that much thought into this game or if you accidentally made a complex game mechanic, but it turned out to be a really fun arcade style game and i feel rewarded after beating it. I only wish it was longer to be able to experience all the animations.

RudiGriy responds:

Thank you for the detailed feedback!
You said correctly. This is a mini-game from the online project "Pandorium". These are the acting characters of the space colony. Rourke is a market trader. The girl named Ollie is a colony engineer.
Also in the project there is a continuation of this story. After the passage of this story there are other randome girls.