I have played varieties of this type of game that feel like a lot more fun by Vadim. I honestly just felt like I was unlocking a sex scene instead of playing a fun mini game. If you lose the game, you start over from the very beginning. For a game so repetitive and lacking, this is a cruel kind of punishment as I'm trying to finish the game and move on with my day. I suppose if the game had more depth or unlockables it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it doesn't.

I think the art style you initially started with on the earlier games has improved here, as the animations finally seem to start matching the illustration quality, but overall the animations aren't very interesting and could use a little more variation between fast and slow speeds.

You should heavily consider programming randomly generated males so that the game only generates pale red-headed males and not darker skinned ginger characters because it's pretty off putting.

One of those porn games that are impossible to get off too and only seem to be designed to sell more mice. Well. The animations are very pretty. I think. Hard to tell when you can barely look at them. Nice effort. It looks like it has decently high production value. But whoever designed the mechanics sorta ruined it.

Could use some sort of easy mode with far more time than needed or SOMETHING. Maybe you can spend your earned money to make it easier. SOMETHING. It just fails as what it seems to be attempting to do. Which is a shame.

I agree that you should label this as rape to keep away the people who don't like that content but besides that its just boring. A clicker with no real progression or opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Have you personally tried to fap while playing this game? The art and animation is excellent but I'd rather watch porn than punish myself by playing a difficult porn game. I get that some of the more hardcore players enjoy the challenge but I'm rating for the casual player. Feel free to disagree with me if you get horny from clicking madly while watching colored bars fill and peeking at tame sex animations in the corners of your eyes.

The art is great, animations are great... but the player is completely unable to enjoy said aspects of the game as they are clicking madly while trying not to wake her up and managing the extremely impatient guys. If you were able to spend your earned money to upgrade something, anything, even just purely aesthetic, it would feel worth it... but without any sort of progression the game just feels like a frustrating waste of time.

Honestly rather bland clicker game.
The art is really nice though.
But the core gameplay is just a nuisance. Premise is simple enough porn however. Just rape some chick.

Can say though: The "client" respawn rate is UTTERLY pointless. Just have them stand there, seriously. The dick design is alright. You could do with some pussy practice however.
The variety is really meek in that area in your games of what I've seen.
And the cumshots here are honestly quite embarrassing.

Wouldn't hurt if you tried to make something focused on females in one of this series. Or at least that didn't completely neglect them. It just makes the universe come off as really wonky.

That said, the character designs ARE really slick. And the backgrounds are nice.