Loved the game but would be nice to continue on the level you failed

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While the poses were 'nice', the mechanics feel kind of awful. Guys are way too impatient, you have to constantly multi task by clicking, managing guys, all while the meter on the right doesn't rise too high ... Never got time to actually enjoy the game.

The art and style is nice, and the music is good- but otherwise this game could use some work. Try to implement a way for us to enjoy the game without having so much to do. Even the 'bonuses' and 'upgrades' feel kind of pointless, not really offering much else.

I really like what is present but I'd have to agree that the clicker gimmick is a little weak since there isn't a gallery or an upgrade system/something to spend your money on. Continue/checkpoint system would be good as well but I really like the art style and the animations.

yeah it needs like a stage selector, it gets annoying to have to start from square one after missing like one second to winning the stage
i do love the art and general concept of the game itself, it just gets annoying easily