I really like what is present but I'd have to agree that the clicker gimmick is a little weak since there isn't a gallery or an upgrade system/something to spend your money on. Continue/checkpoint system would be good as well but I really like the art style and the animations.

Honestly rather bland clicker game.
The art is really nice though.
But the core gameplay is just a nuisance. Premise is simple enough porn however. Just rape some chick.

Can say though: The "client" respawn rate is UTTERLY pointless. Just have them stand there, seriously. The dick design is alright. You could do with some pussy practice however.
The variety is really meek in that area in your games of what I've seen.
And the cumshots here are honestly quite embarrassing.

Wouldn't hurt if you tried to make something focused on females in one of this series. Or at least that didn't completely neglect them. It just makes the universe come off as really wonky.

That said, the character designs ARE really slick. And the backgrounds are nice.

wayyyyyyyyyyyy too hard, the sensitivity bar is too high and i cant enjoy the game cause am busy clicking. the animation is gud tho

The art is great, animations are great... but the player is completely unable to enjoy said aspects of the game as they are clicking madly while trying not to wake her up and managing the extremely impatient guys. If you were able to spend your earned money to upgrade something, anything, even just purely aesthetic, it would feel worth it... but without any sort of progression the game just feels like a frustrating waste of time.

yeah it needs like a stage selector, it gets annoying to have to start from square one after missing like one second to winning the stage
i do love the art and general concept of the game itself, it just gets annoying easily