Reviews for "Rejected Kids TV Show!"

wow you really good :D
but its not for kid

Like a new more kid-oriented take on the learning for dummies franchise. :) Or is the dinosaur reference more so one of the apocalypse hmm.

It's definitely more realistic and relevant than most of both the kid shows and any other upper levels of learning these days. And those passages of brooding between the episodes... it's the real thing. All the way. The fate of our world portrayed the perfect way. For those who still have an open enough mind to understand it.


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Thanks for your comment!

This is like Doki Doki Litature Club in a nutshell!

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I don't know what that is and I refuse to google it.

Do not judge mankind so harshly, they never asked to exist.

I want 8 minutes of my life back

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They belong to me now.