Reviews for "Rejected Kids TV Show!"

Rosebud. The suspense was killing me. The sound and animation were good, although I found it a little long. Still, it kept me watching to see what would happen next.

yeah too bad some1 already took out the dinosaurs before we did now all we got are chicken

oh shit shit shit shit, creepy if theres jumpscares im running out mah room bruhter
btw, GOOD HORROR STUFF!!!!!! (thank god shadowpuppethorror thanks for reacting to my review)

I love this.

What was the music from?

My new favorite.

I like how in the beginning the kids shows host was pleasant and normal and then his topics started getting more and more brutally honest until it got to the point that it wasn't appropriate for children anymore.

The quick cuts to the nodding dinosaurs was cute and funny.
They looked so innocent and impressionable.

The line where he said
"humans fight and kill each other for something called money while there young ones starve"
made me chuckle a bit.

This was cool and interesting because this started out like any other kids show, but then as time went on you could really feel the hosts "odd and out of place" resentment of the human race.
Until it gets to the point where you question whether the host is human at all
(which he probably isn't).

I though that was a very cool aspect of this type of horror.