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Reviews for "Vaygren: After the Battle"

This was beautiful.
All interrogations should be this way all the time.

Would have been better with voice acting and more positions.
But this was still very nice.

very nice , its very good .i love it . thank you :D

Once you remove the dialogue, you realize it's just 3 repeated shots so... not much content but still well-done.

Really good animation, and vibrant colors.
Personally not a fan of futa, but that's not part of my score.

Just because lip flaps and "plot" are happening doesn't change the fact that this is three basic loops. It's fine, but the main sex loop looks like it's mostly tweening. Also small nitpick but I don't know why the lighting changes for the inside shot with each thrust? Is her dick letting more light in?

Cyberframe responds:

No tweening on the main loop, actually, that's all done frame by frame. There is a bit of tweening on the closeup of Keras's head though, as far as "thrust" motion goes. Same with the extreme closeup.

Good point on the lighting changing... >_< Let's just say it's a stylistic choice? Or maybe her dick is glow in the dark. XD