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Reviews for "Level One (Save The Princess)"

You already know I love all the tracks xD
But I thought I'd drop by abd tell you again, while I relisten :'D
Hopefully, the album will get some more exposure here :3

Mattashi responds:

Think I'm gonna upload them all on here :)

This one is gold. One of the best from the album.

Mattashi responds:

Thanks man :)

Man that album is fucking gold from start to finish. This is only possible from someone who truly understand that old school chiptune magic. Solid job capturing it with this one man.

Mattashi responds:

Thanks man!

Chiptunes are one of my favorite genres of music, and you nailed this one.

Mattashi responds:


I can't imagine what the song Spring from the canceled GBC game Stip could turn into in your hands. This rocks hard!