Reviews for "AIM - Faith in Freedom"

I've never played Mirror's Edge, but this did make me think of Ghost in the Shell quite a bit. While I still believe this is a fantastic piece of music, it also feels like you were being a little... uh, "safe" with it. The whole thing began to sound kinda samey for last few minutes.

I0TA responds:

Most idm have similar structure and they do start out slowly.

Thanks for the review :)

Oh jeez, this song is really good! For a teen music artist I think it will be hard to come close to this song in the AIM competition. The mixing is amazing, the theme is flawless and the artwork selection is very good. I know my problem is that I can't create one theme and stick to it. This song has inspired me to make better work though! Awesome song!

I0TA responds:

Thank you for your review :)

This was amazing.
Especially love the rhythm, and all the subtle (and non-subtle ._.) changes.
No need to comment the vocal part, you nailed the theme you chose.

I0TA responds:

Thank you for the review! Cheers!

I did write a longer review out earlier, but I accidentally closed my tab haha.
Anyway, yeah this is a top-5 contender so far and probably for the rest of the competition.

Only things I could (personally) think of which I could think this could be improved:
- Adding some additional drive/saturation to some of the rythmic tonals on lower-note sounding inserts (the higher ones do this quite nicely already).
- Making some of the bass arp instances abit louder.
- Some additional stereo imaging to declutter, but still have all of your elements present in the 2:32-3:12 segment of the track.

Ayyy that's it really. Everything else is pretty damn solid. Nice work m8 ;)

I0TA responds:

Thank you for your thoughtful constructive criticism. :) Your entry is also fucking awesome!!!!

Thanks again for the kind words!!

There's not much more I can add to what has already been said about such a piece, but that's not the point anyway. You mentioned before that you spent quite a large amount of time on this more than usual, but as far as I'm concerned, you still are able to crank out pieces faster than anyone else I know and still achieve such a fantastic result. You're an example of "first thought, best thought," spoken by Allen Ginsberg. And this piece perhaps shows that your mind, and everyone else, is where the battle of freedom originates. Mental slavery is the most difficult to overcome, and so often music is what gives us that glimpse of hope. But it is an ongoing battle with every piece as it only lasts until it stops. The vocal work here fits perfectly and beautifully. When the snare comes in at 1:50, there's a feeling of great anticipation. I expected a grand explosion, but when 2:31 is revealed instead, I realize that there really isn't any other way to do it. When the percussive bass begins to slide at 3:41, we hear something ominous in the horizon. A reminder of what is to come with every piece of music...

I0TA responds:

Thank you so much for your very thoughtful review! :D

i hope you participate this AIM or NGADM!! Can't wait to see what you are gonna come up with. im very excited for it!